Teardrop Caravans

“I’ve tried to be as informative and impartial as possible when it comes to my advice on selecting the right small micro compact caravan option. Over the past 2 years I studied and researched all models, makes and variations before I selected Freedom as my chosen caravan of choice. I hope the following information helps you make the right choice for your outdoor adventure”.

Neil Worthington
Owner of Caravans North Ltd

The great benefits of small caravans are that they come in all sorts of weights, shapes and sizes and can suit all budgets. You don’t have to change your car as virtually any small car can tow one. There is a caravan out there that perfectly matches the allowable tow weight of your car. The main advantages to me are that you can simple get away at the last minute. You don’t have to store your caravan at an expensive caravan storage yard, as it’s much easier to keep it on your driveway/garden or even in your garage.

Small caravans under 750 kg are more popular now because of the towable weight limits imposed on new drivers passing their tests and most drivers now like small economical cars rather that the big estate cars typically used for towing caravans in the past. Also by having a small micro caravan means that when you get to your campsite or holiday destination, its not going to give you a hernia setting up. Most are easily manoeuvrable by one person or if you want, you can always fit a motor mover- just press the button on the remove control and off it goes- simple to set up and you can be enjoying a G&T within minutes.