Small GRP or Fibreglass Caravans

These caravans tend to be the most popular in the small micro compact caravan market, you can get 2 berth and 3 berth options which are huge on the inside yet small on the outside. You get all the luxuries you get in a standard 2 berth caravan such as bathroom with flushing toilet and shower, kitchen, heating, hot water and ample storage space with good size living area for up to 4 persons. Advantages also are that they are under that magic 750kg & 850kg small car tow weight limit which makes them fantastic value and they hold their prices extremely well. Second hand ones are hard to find and with the second hand price high, it sometimes makes sense to buy new, should budget allow.

Freedom tend to dominate this sector with their Jetstream range. Built in Poland to UK specifications and boasting a 25-year life expectancy they are a firm favourite and tend to win the converted Caravan Club awards year on year. Advantages also of the GRP shell are that it won’t leak water and Freedom offers a 5-year water ingress warranty. There are a hand full of GRP caravan UK manufacturers but be careful when it comes to weight. Freedom is very clever in giving you all the luxuries but keeping within the low weight restriction. Other UK independent manufactures do a great job but seem to be either expensive or over 1000kg.

Freedom appliances fitted are also made by the leading brands such as Dometic, Truma & Thetford. They are easy to manoeuvre and easy to tow.