Pop Top Caravans

These pop-top caravans, compact caravans or micro caravans as they are sometimes called are great for those stepping up from camping. Most will have full kitchen facilities inside such as sink, hob, grill/oven and a full size fridge. Internal storage is good with cupboards and usually a wardrobe. Some will even come with heating and hot water.

The down side is that you wont have space for a bathroom so a porta potty is still needed. The Freedom Discovery does have a small bathroom which you can store a porta potty and it does have a sink. By popping up the roof you will have plenty of standing room and the double bed most come with will give you a goods nights sleep with all the comforts of a bigger caravan. They can also be stored in a garage when not in use. Freedom ( under 750 kg) & Eriba (over 1000kg) tend to be the 2 main brands when it comes to pop top options.

Both brands are good investments as they hold their value on the second hand market well but are rare to find in good condition. A great buy and you will have lots of fun with a good range of benefits enjoyed in more conventional caravans.