Annual Caravan Full Service

Single Axel – £260 inc VAT

Twin Axel – £285 inc VAT

Why Choose Us?

  • We are competitive on pricing for parts & labour delivered to a high standard making our trained engineers the caravanners favourite.
  • Please note a full service report will be given before seeking permission to repair or replace defective parts.
  • A quote will be given for any work to be done, before it is carried out.
  • Motorhome servicing is for habitation only – as listed but excludes chassis and running gear.

What’s included in the price

Our Caravan Servicing is carried out at our fully insured premises in Low Moor, Bradford.

We can offer a local collection and delivery service for caravans @ £1.50 per mile
(min charge £25)

Check condition of the following:
• Body panels / Locks / Catches / Hinges (lubricate as necessary) / Trims / Awning rail / Windows and seals / Grab handles / Other body attachments
Check condition of the following :
• Cupboard hinges / Stays / Locks and catches / Skylight security and condition / Check fly screens and adjust if necessary
• All ventilation points are clean and clear of obstructions
• Damp test all interior and issue report
• Check floor for delamination
Water System
• Check water pump operation / Check and adjust pressure switch / Check condition of filter and housing – replace filter if required
(extra charge for filter)
• Check operation of all taps and shower / Check all water pipes and fittings / Check toilet for operation lubricate etc./ Inspect drain plugs for seal and operation
• Gas Supply and Appliances
• Check regulator and carry out leak test on system / Check condition and age of flexible hose / Check condition and integrity of pipe work
Inspect gas bottle security / Check all gas dispersal holes are clear / Check operation of all gas appliances / Check all flame failure devices (FFD’s)
• Fridge is not serviced unless requested
• Carry out carbon monoxide test
Electrical System 230v and 12v
• Check condition of 230v hook up cable / Plug and socket / Caravan socket external / Operation of MCB’s and RCD
• Check condition of all wiring and sockets / Operation of all 230v appliances
• Check operation of external road lights / Condition of 12n and 12s Plugs and Cables / Condition of 12v wiring and internal lighting /operation of 12v fridge / operation of heating blown air system / operation roof fans and extractor fans
• Check battery and operation of battery charging system 230v and 12v
• Check condition of fire alarm / carbon monoxide alarm if fitted, replace batteries if required
• Check fire extinguisher and fire blanket for security and dates etc
• Any other installations will be checked for condition and safety
Chassis and Running Gear
• Check condition and operation of coupling head / Ball hitch stabiliser / Over run device / Breakaway cable /Jockey wheel/ Hand brake and lubricate where necessary
• Check brake cables and rods clean and grease where necessary.
• Remove road wheel and check for condition and age of tyres (check spare where fitted) check tyre pressures
• Remove brake drums and check for lining thickness and condition / check condition of wheel bearings and seals
• Clean and grease where necessary
• Replace brake drum using new ALKO one shot nuts and torque to manufacturers specifications (old one shot nuts will be left in customers caravan for inspection these are included in service price (double axel £10 extra)
• Adjust brakes to manufacturers specifications
• Replace road wheels and torque to manufacturers specifications
• Check security of chassis and body attachment bolts
• Check spare wheel carrier
• Check, operate and lubricate all corner steadies
• Check suspension operation and ride height
• Run self test for caravans fitted with the ALKO automatic trailer control system / check function and integrity

Call 07860 366888 to Book Your Service

Please note a full service report will be given before seeking permission to repair or replace defective parts.

A quote will be given for any work to be done, before it is carried out. Our hourly rate is charged @ £65.00 per hour inc VAT.

Notice to customers:
When presenting your caravan for service, please ensure that all valuables and personal items are removed in order that our Service Engineer has clear access to all aspects of the caravan during service. Please also remove contents from fridge.

Terms and Conditions. 1. Payment is due strictly on completion of the work carried out, unless prior arrangement has been agreed. 2. Payment to be made by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer. 3. Cheques to be made payable to Caravans North Ltd 4. We also accept payment by credit or debit cards. 5. Prior to work being carried out, a FULL visual inspection will be carried out internally and externally, with notes of any damage, stains etc being recorded and photographed as necessary to ensure the protection of the owner and the engineer. 6. Servicing will be carried out to the highest standard to ensure the safety of the owner. 7. All workmanship is warranted for six months providing no unauthorised changes or modifications are made which affect the already completed work. 8. Where, during a service, a fault is found which is beyond the normal service schedule, the owners permission to repair or replace will be obtained before such work is carried out. An excess charge for the time and parts will be made. 9. It is the OWNERS responsibility to ensure that access is available at the time and date agreed for servicing, and that there is sufficient clearance to access the wheels and external equipment and that the interior of the vehicle is clear of obstructions to the internal equipment which needs access to service. Lockers empty and floor area clear. The toilet cassette MUST be EMPTY and CLEAN or the toilet will NOT be serviced. 10. Parts- All parts used will be OEM specification and are chargeable in addition to labour at the lowest available price possible. 11. Special order parts are NOT refundable and will include carriage costs as appropriate. 12. All wheels will be torqued to the correct setting and customer will be asked to sign that this was done before engineer leaves 13. On completion of works all appliances will be turned off from source 14. Customer will be asked to the sign paperwork after completion and in doing so you have fully checked all items in caravan/motorhome are fully switched off – engineer will have no liability after that point.